Whether you’re coupled up or flying solo, below are great ideas for partners, singles, and friends this year.


  1. Make a scrapbook of your relationship

Take some time to go through your photos together and instead of letting them get lost in the ether of your cell phone, print them out and arrange them together in a memory book.


  1. Read love poems

It’s no secret that reading love poems can be incredibly romantic, but it can also seem pretty cheesy on any day that isn’t Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of the ooey gooey holiday and let out your inner cheeseball.


  1. Watch each partner’s favorite movie

Enjoy a double feature from the comfort of your couch and allow each partner to choose their favorite romantic movie to watch. It’s a nice way to relax and get to know each other better.


  1. See a play

A night out at the theatre is sure to be both entertaining and exciting. You can see what production your local theatre has on or head into a larger nearby city to catch a bigger act.


  1. Book a room at a local hotel

You and your loved one will love pampering yourselves with a one night’s stay in a nice hotel room. And you don’t even need to travel! You can simply grab a room at a hotel in your city and have the best date night ever.


  1. Have a board game night

Play two-player games with your sweetheart, or invite friends over for a fun night of board games, tasty snacks, and laughter.


  1. Go for a run

If you and your partner are into being active, enjoy a nice run together where you can take in a scenic trail, have some fun conversations, and work up an appetite for a fancy dinner later.


  1. Wine tasting

Valentine’s Day really does call for a glass — or two, or three — of wine. So why not learn something about the drink and find new favorites while you’re at it? Pair the wine with snacks for a good addition.


  1. Go dancing

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or are as single as they come, Valentine’s Day is a great time to dance. Slow dance in the living room with your lover or bop around to girl power songs in your bedroom alone — whatever you choose, dancing will boost your endorphins and make you happy after a long day.


  1. Go to a restaurant on your bucket list

Everyone has that romantic restaurant they’ve been dying to try. Make a reservation in advance for a night that you won’t forget.


  1. Go to the movies

Checking out the latest flick is a classic date night for a reason — it’s fun and everyone walks away happy. Head to the theater with your SO to see a romantic movie that’ll make you both happy.


  1. See a comedy show

Nothing in the theaters that’s catching your eye? Attend a live comedy show instead for a night of laughter and good company. If you’d rather stay home, opt for watching a hilarious romantic comedy.


  1. Bake something sweet

Calories don’t count on Valentine’s Day, right? Right. So, bake something delicious for your loved ones this year.


  1. Get a couples massage

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to splurge on a professional massage. You and your partner deserve this — plus, it may even be good for your relationship.


  1. Pop a bottle of champagne

There’s something about this bubbly beverage that feels festive — whether you’re drinking it with your partner, best friend, or solo while binge-watching your favorite reality TV show.


  1. Write a love letter

In a digital world, it’s extra meaningful to craft a handwritten letter to someone you love. Add a Valentine’s Day pun if you want to be extra charming.


  1. Take a bath

A bath with rose petals and candles is something you’ll enjoy solo or with a romantic partner.


Sometimes the best nights are those spent over a home-cooked meal, a set of candles, and a good bottle of vino.



Valentine’s Day is about more than just romance—it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate anyone you love. So even if you aren’t part of a couple, you can find wonderful things to do on Valentine’s Day that celebrate your family, friends—or hey, just you. (You deserve a little self-care too!)


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