You crack open the menu at the local hot spot and immediately set your eyes on the perfect main course. You’re ready to order until you spy yet another enticing option. And there are a lot of breathtaking dessert options as well; From fish to steak, to chicken, you just can’t decide! Before you go off and decide to order everything on the menu, here are some tips to help you decide what to order at a restaurant.


  1. Go with your gut.

Let yourself naturally gravitate to the dishes that grab your eye instantly—and if you need additional help, start searching for ingredients you love. That simple!

  1. Stick to the theme.

Most restaurants have a specialty, and sticking to ordering those items can help remove snacks from your must-eat list. For example, do not order fish at a steakhouse or steak at a seafood restaurant. There is a reason they focus on a type of cuisine.


  1. Pace yourself.

If you can’t choose a single dish, choose many and progress down the menu naturally. That means starting with an appetizer or a small plate, then ordering a vegetable or fresh salad, and finishing the meal, if you still have room, with pasta, fish, or meat. If you order a small amount at a time and create your tasting menu, it’s easier to stop when you feel full and to get a sense of every part of a menu.


  1. Get the server’s recommendation.

Let the person who’s in the know choose for you. An experienced server is your closest ally in navigating a foreign or overwhelming menu. Plus, there may be opportunities to order a half portion of several dishes to try multiple offerings, or there may be a dish that is an absolute must that they can recommend.


  1. Be adventurous.

As a last resort, if you still can’t choose, select the menu item that seems the most adventurous. Start with a couple of challenging dishes to share at the beginning, items that both sound challenging to be prepared perfectly and that may stretch what you normally would try.


Ordering food at your favorite restaurant should be fun whether you’re looking to sample the best cheeseburgers in town or something new. Now that you know how to quickly decide what to order, we invite you to check our mouth-watering menu and start ordering now.



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