There is so much noise surrounding dating and how things should be. Society, our friends, and our parents all tell us that we should make ourselves more available and socialize more often if we want to find a soul mate.

However, for most of us, trying to find “the one” is going to be extremely unsuccessful unless we know exactly what we want and what we need. As a result, taking time out to get to know your personal needs and wants requires you to get to know yourself better.

Taking yourself out on solo dates is a great way to enjoy being single and allows you to get to know yourself a lot better. Instead of wasting time going out with subpar people, take yourself out on a date. It’s a guaranteed way for you to spend an evening and an eye-opening experience as well.

Getting to understand yourself better is extremely important especially as you grow and evolve in your twenties. Although going out alone can be intimidating at first, it can be quite thrilling to your self-esteem once you actually do it. While it can seem unnatural and completely not normal to sit at a restaurant alone, the experience itself is important.

As women, we all need to learn to be happy being alone. Not relying on any outside person or circumstance to make us happy is the only way we can attract someone that is good for us to our lives. In fact, choosing to spend some quality time with yourself can really make you see how amazing you really are.

No one will ever love you unless you start to love yourself. There is absolutely no one, except for maybe your parents, who can love you like you love yourself. Accepting your situation and circumstances in times of singledom prepares you for that special person when they finally make their way into your life. In the end, the love you have for yourself is all you need.

When you are alone on a date with yourself, there isn’t another person with whom you need to compromise on anything! There is no arguing about what appetizer to split or where to go for dinner. You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Making confident decisions all by yourself is a wonderful way to boost your confidence.

You never know what might happen when you take yourself on a date. Without any set plans, adventure awaits. Taking on adventures all by yourself is also a wonderful confidence booster. When you exude confidence, others take notice and it is an extremely attractive quality. Who knows what cute stranger you can attract simply by enjoying your life!


Becoming comfortable in your own skin is important. When we are single and alone it can be hard to find the joy and happiness in our lives. However, it’s all about perspective. Instead of seeing the situation as a pity party for yourself, choose to take advantage of the time you have to get to know yourself better. Taking yourself out on dates is a wonderful way to enjoy being single, and who knows what might happen when you go out by yourself- the possibilities are endless!



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