Are you dreaming of a magical Christmas getaway? As the festive spirit fills the air, it’s time to plan an unforgettable escape that will create lasting memories.

Situated just over an hour from Nairobi, the Mua Hills Getaway offers a peaceful getaway that will help you refresh and restore away from the urgency of the urban landscape. Here are 5 reasons why you should spend the holidays with us:

  1. Luxury Accommodation

The Resort comprises modern chalets that ooze luxury and class set in a peaceful tropical vista that captures the essence of tranquility. With every fresh dawn, new opportunities present themselves to wander in abundant gardens carefully curated as a breathtaking vista crafted in ancient volcanic soils. In the evenings, sultry sunsets dance above a landscape so rich in Kenya’s wildlife that it was once designated a private refuge for preservation.

You can choose to stay at either the main Ngondi chalet, or the Chyulu, Mua, Kiima Kimwe, Salaita or Iveti chalets, and recently an avant-garde Lukenya Clubhouse.

2. Dining

The Mua Hills Getaway sits within a private farm that aims to preserve the heritage of this special corner of Kenya. It was conceptualized to expand and extend the uniquely peaceful experience we have created at the Fair Acres Boutique Hotel in Nairobi. Our concept was simple: to craft a farm-stay experience that felt like home for our valued guests. Our food is locally sourced, and the Resort has its natural water source that comes from spring-fed sources.

3. Guided Tours

Our location lends itself to being at one with nature. You can indulge in your wellness journey, challenge our hills with nature walks, or set up a bike ride that will feel like you are in the deep savannahs.

Stroll on the banks of our dam, through our gardens, visit the neighboring local community, or take the challenge to hike or bike throughout our property surrounded by both domestic and wildlife. Our local guides can customize your experience to suit your needs – whether you want to have a relaxing respite from the city or if you want to take a more involved approach to your stay with us.

4. Kid’s Fun Activities

No matter the season, keeping kids entertained is an ongoing effort. To avoid temper tantrums, grumpy faces, and folded arms while on holiday, we have a playground with swings and slides; some of the best activities for kids, so they’ll never say they’re bored again. These activities are sure to spark imaginations, ignite creativity, and strengthen cognitive skills. Plus, they’ll help your kids pass the time while creating positive, long-lasting childhood memories.

 5. Bonfire


There are certain experiences that define holidays in all their glory; A cold beer after a hot mountain bike ride. A morning dip after hiking —these experiences reside somewhere between frivolous distractions and God-given rights. At the top of this list? Sitting by a bonfire with your loved ones. Picture the sun setting, the waves lapping the horizon, stories, and a fire roaring. There are beverages, and laughter but mostly, you’re just taking in the scene.

6. Swimming

Whether you swim to maintain and develop your fitness, splash around with the family, or learn to swim so that you can join in the fun, we have something for you!

Enjoy a range of swimming and pool activities for you and your whole family where you can have fun and be active together.

7.  Birdwatching

Observing and listening to the variety of birds, both common residents and unique visitors is a way to tune in to nature and experience the benefits this can bring to personal and collective well-being.

The Mua Hills area is rife with an array of wild animals, from the timid hares, robins, and hornbills to the ever-joyful hyena and the occasional debut of giraffes from Maanzoni Conservancy.



With the festive air and Christmas spirit in full swing, this is the perfect time to plan a getaway to a place that celebrates the spirit of the season with joyfulness and excitement. Discover merry experiences during the most wonderful time of the year at Mua Hills Getaway & Resort.


– Single Ksh 15,000 (FB)

– Double Ksh 22,000 (FB)

– Family Ksh 38,000 (FB)

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